The Pagan Country

The Pagan Country

Camping sur la Côte des Légendes - Le Pays PaganThis place lies in the heart of the ‘pagan country’, a rocky area stretching from the Bay of Goulven in the East to the Bay of Trez Sezny in the West.

This region is named ‘pagan country’ after the pagan peasants who lived in this area. By stormy weather, they were said to light fires on the coast in order to mislead the sailors and pluder the wrecks.

Besides, the local history is full of legends mixing deep faith and superstitions : spirits, dragons and korrigans are well-known here.


Mon Premier est le « chant » (en breton)
(My first is the "singing" in Breton)
Mon Deuxième est la moité d’un jeu de balle (qui n’est pas breton).
My second is half a ball game (which is not Breton)

Mon Troisième est une des deux couleurs du drapeau (breton).
(My third is one of the 2 colors of the Breton's flag)

Mon Quatrième est une spécialité bretonne.
(My fourth is a Breton speciality)

Mon Tout est un lieu priviligié de vacances, précisé dans le texte si-dessus.
(My total is a nice place for holydays, quoted in the text before)


Lighthouse Pontusval, Chapel Pol, the Menhir Men Marz, home care and the fishing village of Meneham.


Kayaking, windsurfing and sand yachting, fishing, diving, swimming .....