The Pagan Country

The campsite is situated close to the Pontusval lighthouse on the Beg Pol Cape.

The Aber Country

The ‘Aber Country’, a small area no larger than 30km has kept an amazing wilderness, despite a separation of less than a hundred of kilometers from the capital city.

The Leon

The geographical border of the Leon is the limit of Finistere in the East and the Elorn river in the West. There are about 35km between the campsite and Brest, the farthest point of France in the West.

The coasts of the area are lined by two oceans, the Channel in the North and the Atlantic in the West.

The Finistere

Préfecture administrative : QUIMPER
Préfecture maritime :
The most western department of France offers more than one hundred kilometers of coasts and is lined by both the Channel and the Atlantic ocean.

PIV EO ? *

She is not that big, but when she stretches out, she displays a quite respectable size, and it is not annoying because her neighbours are scarce ; so she can make herself at home.


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