The Camping Du Phare provides over 130 flat and grassy plots.

Each place measures 90m² to 100m² (100-120 yd²).


It is either delimited with hedges, or united with 6 to 8 other places on a large plot.

On your place, you can set : a camping-car ; a tent or a trailer, with a car  or any other transportation vehicule.


Camping Car drivers are welcome! You get access to all the services like any other camper.

You can clear and fill in your tank for free





Night Cost (12pm-12pm) 

Departures after 12pm equals an extra night on the bill
Sanitary facilities with wheelchair access

1 plot : ( cp-car, trailer, tent + 1 car) 5.00€
Adult or child over 7 years old  4.30€
Child under 7 years old 2.50€
Guest (inform the reception) at the camper's charge 4.30€
Dog (vaccinated and tatooed) 2.00€
Horse (grassy run) 15.00€
Electric branching point (bring your extension cable) 3.00€
Warm shower (token for campers) 1.00€
Site rental (july/august) 10.00€
Group rate 4.30€
Extra car (parking) 2.00€
Tourist tax (for people over 18 years old)  0.20€



  • Reservation fee: 13.00 €
  • + 30 % of the total cost
  • Reservation is a safe way to make sure to keep the place free for you when you arrive
  • Any booked stay must be paid entirely

See internal rules and procedure of the campsite
Terms of sale
Rental agreement, print, fill in the form, and send with a 30% deposit to book in
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